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Figure c112/f001
Figure 112.1
(a) The vulva. (b) The clitoris. (From Neill and Lewis 2009 [ ]. Reproduced with permission of John Wiley & Sons.)
Figure c112/f005
Figure 112.5
Lichen sclerosus showing white sclerotic plaques and architectural change.
Figure c112/f009
Figure 112.9
Squamous cell carcinoma arising on a background of lichen sclerosus.
Figure c112/f013
Figure 112.13
Gingival erythema in vulvo‐vaginal–gingival syndrome.
Figure c112/f017
Figure 112.17
Lichen simplex.
Figure c112/f021
Figure 112.21
Tinea cruris.
Figure c112/f025
Figure 112.25
Vulval intraepithelial neoplasia.
Figure c112/f029
Figure 112.29
Tear of the right inferior aspect of the nymphohymenal sulcus.
Figure c112/f002
Figure 112.2
Fordyce spots.
Figure c112/f006
Figure 112.6
Fissuring in lichen sclerosus.
Figure c112/f010
Figure 112.10
Histological features of lichen planus.
Figure c112/f014
Figure 112.14
Scarring in erosive vulval lichen planus.
Figure c112/f018
Figure 112.18
Vulval psoriasis.
Figure c112/f022
Figure 112.22
Vulval warts with plaques in the interlabial sulci.
Figure c112/f026
Figure 112.26
Verrucous carcinoma on a background of lichen sclerosus.
Figure c112/f003
Figure 112.3
Vulval varicosities.
Figure c112/f007
Figure 112.7
Thickened epithelium in acanthotic lichen sclerosus.
Figure c112/f011
Figure 112.11
(a) Classic vulval lichen planus showing plaques in the interlabial sulci. (b) Classic vulval lichen planus with Wickham striae.
Figure c112/f015
Figure 112.15
Lacrimal duct scarring in erosive lichen planus.
Figure c112/f019
Figure 112.19
Histological features of vulval melanosis.
Figure c112/f023
Figure 112.23
Histological features of undifferentiated vulval intraepithelial neoplasia.
Figure c112/f027
Figure 112.27
Extramammary Paget disease
Figure c112/f004
Figure 112.4
Histological features of lichen sclerosus.
Figure c112/f008
Figure 112.8
(a) Scarring in lichen sclerosus with ecchymosis. (b) Scarring in lichen sclerosus with loss of the labia minora and sealing of the clitoral hood.
Figure c112/f012
Figure 112.12
Lichen planus: vulval aspect showing glazed erythema and distortion of the architecture, with a remnant of the left labium minus and buried clitoris a...
Figure c112/f016
Figure 112.16
Chronic vulval purpura.
Figure c112/f020
Figure 112.20
(a) In situ melanoma. (b) Vulval melanosis.
Figure c112/f024
Figure 112.24
Histological features of differentiated vulval intraepithelial neoplasia.
Figure c112/f028
Figure 112.28
Melanoma of the vulva. (Courtesy of Dr F. A. Ive, Durham, UK.)