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Figure c113/f001
Figure 113.1
The perineum is a diamond‐shaped region that lies below the pevic floor. A transverse imaginary line drawn between the ischial tuberosities divides th...
Figure c113/f005
Figure 113.5
A 4‐month‐old female child with a perianal infantile haemangioma.
Figure c113/f009
Figure 113.9
Perianal and natal cleft psoriasis causing fissures in a 42‐year‐old woman.
Figure c113/f013
Figure 113.13
Hailey–Hailey disease affecting the ano genital region and causing inflammation and superficial blistering. A skin biopsy has been taken for histology...
Figure c113/f017
Figure 113.17
Furunculosis affecting the buttocks of a 22‐year‐old female.
Figure c113/f021
Figure 113.21
Florid perianal warts in a 5‐year‐old male.
Figure c113/f025
Figure 113.25
Squamous cell carcinoma infiltrating adipose tissue that has developed from adjacent high‐grade anal intraepithelial neoplasia. Magnification 400×. (...
Figure c113/f029
Figure 113.29
(a) Infiltrative carcinoma erysipeloides affecting the genito‐crural region and lower abdomen in a man with adenocarcinoma of the colon. A colostomy b...
Figure c113/f033
Figure 113.33
(a) Pilonidal sinuses in a natal cleft with buttock abscesses. (b) Close‐ up view of the same pilonidal sinus.
Figure c113/f037
Figure 113.37
Cryptoglandular hypothesis of the development of an intersphincteric fistula.
Figure c113/f041
Figure 113.41
Second degree prolapsed internal haemorrhoids with surrounding anal tags. (Courtesy of Mr M. Abulafi, Croydon University Hospital, UK.)
Figure c113/f002
Figure 113.2
Coronal section through the anal canal. (From Standring 2008 [ ].)
Figure c113/f006
Figure 113.6
Excoriations secondary to idiopathic pruritus ani in a 6‐year‐old boy. It is important to exclude threadworms at this age.
Figure c113/f010
Figure 113.10
Contact dermatitis causing blistering in an infant due to the use of wet wipes.
Figure c113/f014
Figure 113.14
Perianal contact dermatitis caused by imiquimod cream used to treat perianal warts.
Figure c113/f018
Figure 113.18
Ulcerated and inflamed skin affecting the natal cleft and buttock secondary to herpes simplex type II virus infection.
Figure c113/f022
Figure 113.22
Histopathology of low‐grade anal intraepithelial neoplasia. Koilocytes are present high in the upper half of the epidermis. Magnification 200×. (Cour...
Figure c113/f026
Figure 113.26
(a) Large polypoid mass of perianal carcinoma in a 56‐year‐old female. (b) Close‐up view of the same carcinoma.
Figure c113/f030
Figure 113.30
Hurley stage I hidradenitis suppurativa presenting as chronic furunculosis on the buttocks.
Figure c113/f034
Figure 113.34
MRI scan of the patient with sacrococcygeal pilondal disease shown in Figure A sagittal T 2 ‐weighted small field of view image showing multiple sin...
Figure c113/f038
Figure 113.38
Parks classification of anal fistulae. A: superficial fistula track beneath the internal and external sphincters. B: intersphincteric fistula track be...
Figure c113/f042
Figure 113.42
 Perianal skin tag.
Figure c113/f003
Figure 113.3
Muscles of the pelvic floor in a female. The levator ani muscle complex is composed of the ischiococcygeus, iliococcygeus and pubococcygeus muscles. T...
Figure c113/f007
Figure 113.7
Vegetative pemphigus foliaceous. (a) Affecting the genito‐crural region and lower abdomen. (b) Affecting the perianal region and buttocks in the same ...
Figure c113/f011
Figure 113.11
Lichen sclerosus. (a) Ano‐genital lichen sclerosus in a female in a typical figure‐of‐eight configuration. (b) Perianal lichen sclerosus.
Figure c113/f015
Figure 113.15
Perianal ulceration due to nicorandil. (Courtesy of Dr S. Baron and Dr E. Kulakov, Kent, UK.)
Figure c113/f019
Figure 113.19
Condylomata lata. (Courtesy of Dr S. Gold, London.)
Figure c113/f023
Figure 113.23
Histopathology of high‐grade anal intraepithelial neoplasia (AIN). (a) High‐grade, full‐thickness AIN. Magnification 100×. (b) High‐grade AIN occurrin...
Figure c113/f027
Figure 113.27
Poorly differentiated, eroded, perianal nodule of squamous cell carcinoma present at the anal margin occurring in a 50‐year‐old HIV‐negative man withi...
Figure c113/f031
Figure 113.31
Hurley stage II hidradenitis suppurativa. (a) Affecting the groin of a female causing sinus track formation and scarring. (b) Affecting the axilla of ...
Figure c113/f035
Figure 113.35
Crohn disease: perianal and buttock involvement. (Courtesy of Dr D. I. McCallum, Inverness, UK.)
Figure c113/f039
Figure 113.39
Typical positions of development of internal haemorrhoids in the anal canal at 3, 7 and 11 o'clock seen with the patient in the dorsal lithotomy posit...
Figure c113/f043
Figure 113.43
Obstetric perineal trauma. (a) Cloacal‐like defect following a missed third degree tear. The perineal body is absent and there is minimal tissue separ...
Figure c113/f004
Figure 113.4
Partitioning of the cloacal membrane into the uro‐genital membrane and anal membrane with the formation of the perineum occurs at 5–7 weeks’ gestation...
Figure c113/f008
Figure 113.8
Seborrhoeic dermatitis affecting the natal cleft and perianal skin.
Figure c113/f012
Figure 113.12
Perianal lichen planus showing Wickham's striae. (Courtesy of Dr F. Ive, Durham, UK.)
Figure c113/f016
Figure 113.16
Panton–Valentine leukocidin Staphylococcus aureus infection affecting the buttock of a 3‐year‐old female.
Figure c113/f020
Figure 113.20
Perianal wart. (a) Low power histological features of a perianal wart showing hyperkeratosis, acanthosis and papillomatosis. Magnification 40×. (b) Hi...
Figure c113/f024
Figure 113.24
 Eroded patch of perianal high‐grade intra‐epithelial neoplasia (Bowen disease) in a 75‐year‐old female.
Figure c113/f028
Figure 113.28
Buschke–Löwenstein tumour affecting the perianal skin of a 56‐year‐old male.
Figure c113/f032
Figure 113.32
Hurley stage III severe hidradenitis suppurativa. (a) Affecting the perineum and causing extensive keloid scar formation in a 75‐year‐old male patient...
Figure c113/f036
Figure 113.36
Classification of ano‐rectal abscesses based on the relation of the abscess to the internal and external anal sphincters.
Figure c113/f040
Figure 113.40
Origin of internal and external haemorrhoids. (Adapted from Snell 2012 [ ]. Reproduced with permission of Lippincott Williams & Wilkins/Wolters Kluwe...