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Figure c114/f001
Figure 114.1
Patient with a urostomy for bladder carcinoma who has reacted to the tape border of a two‐piece appliance on a 5‐day skin test (right of picture). She...
Figure c114/f005
Figure 114.5
(a) Psoriasis affecting an ileostomy in a woman with Crohn disease; this was confirmed histologically. She had a history suggestive of scalp psoriasis...
Figure c114/f009
Figure 114.9
Fistulating Crohn disease affecting an ileostomy in a teenage girl. The original stoma on the left was partly destroyed by the inflammatory process an...
Figure c114/f013
Figure 114.13
Severe pyoderma gangrenosum (PG) in a middle‐aged man with acute onset of Crohn disease requiring a pan‐proctocolectomy and ileostomy. He received ada...
Figure c114/f017
Figure 114.17
A short colostomy demonstrating faecal dermatitis. The patient also has a persistent reaction to the tape border of her appliance (outer ring of derma...
Figure c114/f021
Figure 114.21
Pain is occasionally prominent and sometimes severe as in this young woman with an ileostomy for ulcerative colitis. Treatment is as for Figure .
Figure c114/f002
Figure 114.2
Candida infection presenting as an itchy, non‐follicular pustular rash affecting an immunosuppressed woman with an ileostomy for Crohn disease.
Figure c114/f006
Figure 114.6
(a) Lichen sclerosus affecting a urostomy in a woman with a history of genital lichen sclerosus presenting some years prior to stoma formation for bla...
Figure c114/f010
Figure 114.10
(a) Crohn ulcer near a recently formed ileostomy. The ulceration was painful and slowly expanded. (b) Crohn ulceration affecting a colostomy site. A b...
Figure c114/f014
Figure 114.14
A short ileostomy buried in a skin fold near the umbilicus. This stoma was undertaken as an emergency procedure and siting is suboptimal. The eroded d...
Figure c114/f018
Figure 114.18
Idiopathic dermatitis affecting the whole skin covered by the stoma barrier. The patient did not develop a reaction to the appliance when it was worn ...
Figure c114/f022
Figure 114.22
Ileal metaplasia affecting a longstanding urostomy and covering a wide area of skin. This was treated with laser resurfacing.
Figure c114/f003
Figure 114.3
Streptococcal cellulitis complicating healing pyoderma gangrenosum in a 65‐year‐old woman with inflammatory bowel disease.
Figure c114/f007
Figure 114.7
(a) Nicorandil ulceration affecting an ileostomy for ulcerative colitis. (b) This healed completely within 6 weeks of stopping the drug.
Figure c114/f011
Figure 114.11
Pyoderma gangrenosum (PG) affecting an ileostomy in a teenage girl with a permanent end‐ileostomy for Crohn disease. There is active PG at the 5 to 7 ...
Figure c114/f015
Figure 114.15
A proximal colostomy with liquid effluent that leaked onto the skin because the stoma is short. This results in an eroded faecal dermatitis.
Figure c114/f019
Figure 114.19
(a) Inflammatory polyps affecting a colostomy where the skin has been exposed to faeces. (b) Where these bleed, proliferate, cause pain or otherwise r...
Figure c114/f023
Figure 114.23
A short and buried ileostomy where leaks are inevitable. The mottled appearance of the hyperkeratotic papules is typical.
Figure c114/f004
Figure 114.4
Synergic gangrene affecting a recently formed ileostomy. The patient required surgical debridement in addition to systemic antibiotics.
Figure c114/f008
Figure 114.8
(a) Localized bullous pemphigoid affecting a large colostomy in a 90‐year‐old man. At presentation denuded areas of skin were seen, but there were no ...
Figure c114/f012
Figure 114.12
(a) Pyoderma gangrenosum (PG) affecting a permanent ileostomy in a man with a history of ulcerative colitis. The perforated edge is typical and result...
Figure c114/f016
Figure 114.16
A highly contractile ileostomy that varies in length from flush (pictured) to 3 cm long.
Figure c114/f020
Figure 114.20
Granulation tissue with bowel metaplasia affecting an ileostomy. These lesions cause bag failures, especially by bleeding. Because of this, and in par...
Figure c114/f024
Figure 114.24
(a) Chronic papillomatous dermatitis (CPD) and irritant dermatitis associated with a leaking urostomy. The papules are typical. (b) These may prolifer...