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Figure c117/f001
Figure 117.1
Cradle cap. (a) Scale over the vertex and frontal regions in a 6‐week‐old infant. (b) Adherent yellow scale in the eyebrows and on the forehead of an ...
Figure c117/f005
Figure 117.5
Infantile psoriasis.
Figure c117/f009
Figure 117.9
Hand foot and mouth disease showing small vesicles with surrounding erythema on the palmar aspect of the fingers.
Figure c117/f013
Figure 117.13
Tinea faciei in a 4‐week‐old baby innoculated from an older sibling with tinea capitis.
Figure c117/f017
Figure 117.17
Eosinophilic pustulosis showing crops of small itchy pustules on the arm of a male infant.
Figure c117/f021
Figure 117.21
Pedal papule of infancy showing a soft swelling on the medial aspect of the heel.
Figure c117/f025
Figure 117.25
Solitary mastocytoma: (a) before rubbing; (b) urticated after rubbing.
Figure c117/f029
Figure 117.29
An 8‐week‐old infant with a deep infantile haemangioma involving the lateral neck.
Figure c117/f033
Figure 117.33
Male infant aged 6 weeks with segmental infantile haemangioma associated with complex spinal dysraphism.
Figure c117/f037
Figure 117.37
Eyelid haemangioma in the line of vision.
Figure c117/f002
Figure 117.2
Seborrhoeic dermatitis showing macerated erythema in the neck folds of a 3‐month‐old girl, associated with some post‐inflammatory hypopigmentation.
Figure c117/f006
Figure 117.6
Parakeratosis pustulosa showing erythema of the index finger with associated nail dystrophy.
Figure c117/f010
Figure 117.10
Impetigo showing multiple crusted lesions on the forehead of a 9‐month‐old.
Figure c117/f014
Figure 117.14
Multiple eccymotic and purpuric areas on the legs of a 10‐month‐old with acute haemorrhagic oedema in infancy.
Figure c117/f018
Figure 117.18
A dermoid cyst.
Figure c117/f022
Figure 117.22
Juvenile xanthogranuloma showing a well‐circumscribed yellowish nodule with an erythematous margin on the upper back of a 6‐month‐old.
Figure c117/f026
Figure 117.26
Haemangioma precursor.
Figure c117/f030
Figure 117.30
Large, mixed infantile haemangioma at (a) 3 months, (b) 16 months and (c) 3 years. A course of oral prednisolone was given at 3 months.
Figure c117/f034
Figure 117.34
Multifocal cutaneous infantile haemangioma.
Figure c117/f038
Figure 117.38
Rapidly involuting congenital haemangioma on the leg of a 6‐week‐old male, showing peripheral pallor.
Figure c117/f003
Figure 117.3
Atopic eczema showing facial involvement in the characteristic ‘balaclava ‘pattern in a 5‐month‐old.
Figure c117/f007
Figure 117.7
Infantile acropustulosis showing discrete pustules along medial border of the foot of an 11‐month‐old boy.
Figure c117/f011
Figure 117.11
Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome showing widespread peeling and erosion in a 3‐month‐old.
Figure c117/f015
Figure 117.15
Clusters of small bullae in the groin of a child with chronic bullous disease of childhood.
Figure c117/f019
Figure 117.19
Whorls of hyperpigmentation following Blashko's lines.
Figure c117/f023
Figure 117.23
Langerhans cell histiocytosis. (a) Macerated and eroded erythema in the groin. (b) Crusted papules and erythema on the scalp.
Figure c117/f027
Figure 117.27
Evolution of facial and neck plaque‐type haemangiomas from day 1 (a, b) to day 10 (c, d).
Figure c117/f031
Figure 117.31
Lateral view of an infantile haemangioma on the face of a 7‐week‐old infant showing both superficial and deep components (mixed form).
Figure c117/f035
Figure 117.35
Large segmental ulcerated infantile haemangioma.
Figure c117/f039
Figure 117.39
Non‐involuting congenital haemangioma in an 11‐year‐old child.
Figure c117/f004
Figure 117.4
Napkin dermatitis showing erythema and scale in the groin region, with sparing of the skin folds.
Figure c117/f008
Figure 117.8
Infantile acne showing papules, pustules and comedones in a 6‐month‐old boy.
Figure c117/f012
Figure 117.12
Perianal dermatitis showing well‐circumscribed erythema and oedema in an 8‐week‐old.
Figure c117/f016
Figure 117.16
Gianotti–Crosti syndrome. Multiple monomorphic papules over the knees developed 2 weeks after an upper respiratory tract infection in this 1‐year‐old....
Figure c117/f020
Figure 117.20
A bite mark on the upper limb of a 10‐month‐old (inflicted by his 4‐year‐old brother).
Figure c117/f024
Figure 117.24
Mastocytosis. (a) Mast cell degranulation causing erythematous papules and crusts on the scalp. (b) Papules and plaques on the back of an infant with ...
Figure c117/f028
Figure 117.28
A small capillary haemangioma in the proliferative phase on the forehead of a 3‐month old infant.
Figure c117/f032
Figure 117.32
Female infant aged 4 weeks with facial segmental infantile haemangioma associated with dilatation of the right internal carotid, proximal middle cereb...
Figure c117/f036
Figure 117.36
Residuum from a nasal tip haemangioma.