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Figure c118/f001
Figure 118.1
Histopathology of a drug‐induced exanthem, H&E. Magnification 20×. This pigmented epidermis shows orthokeratosis and mild spongiosis. The papillary de...
Figure c118/f005
Figure 118.5
Symmetrical drug‐related intertriginous and flexural exanthem (SDRIFE): intense erythema affecting the axillary skin.
Figure c118/f009
Figure 118.9
A lichenoid drug eruption triggered by therapeutic gold, presenting as multiple inflammatory plaques.
Figure c118/f013
Figure 118.13
(a) Multiple discrete lesions of fixed drug eruption induced by aspirin (Anadin). (b) Well‐defined erythematous plaque over the dorsum of the hand and...
Figure c118/f002
Figure 118.2
An exanthem caused by ampicillin.
Figure c118/f006
Figure 118.6
Urticaria induced by acetylsalicylic acid. (Courtesy of St John's Institute of Dermatology, King's College London, UK.)
Figure c118/f010
Figure 118.10
 Pravastatin‐induced lichenoid drug eruption with numerous hyperpigmented patches and plaques disseminated over the torso.
Figure c118/f014
Figure 118.14
Generalized bullous fixed drug eruption: multiple bullous and eroded lesions induced by parecoxib.
Figure c118/f003
Figure 118.3
A drug‐induced exanthem composed of macular and papular lesions, becoming confluent on the chest.
Figure c118/f007
Figure 118.7
(a,b) Persistent urticarial lesions of a serum sickness‐like reaction caused by penicillin.
Figure c118/f011
Figure 118.11
Histopathological features of fixed drug eruption: interface vacuolar degeneration with lymphocyte exocytosis and melanin incontinence; a perivascular...
Figure c118/f015
Figure 118.15
Drug‐induced pityriasis rosea: erythematous papules over the lower back with some having a collarette of scales.
Figure c118/f004
Figure 118.4
Symmetrical drug‐related intertriginous and flexural exanthem (SDRIFE): well‐defined patches of erythema involving the gluteal skin.
Figure c118/f008
Figure 118.8
Histopathology of lichenoid drug eruption, H&E. Magnification 10×. There is compact hyperkeratosis overlying ‘sawtooth’ acanthosis of the epidermis wi...
Figure c118/f012
Figure 118.12
Fixed drug eruption: a well‐defined, dusky and hyperpigmented oval plaque on the thigh.