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Boolean operators
This OR that
This AND that
This NOT that
Must include "This" and "That"
This That
Must not include "That"
This -That
"This" is optional
This +That
Exact phrase "This That"
"This That"
(this AND that) OR (that AND other)

Wildcard searches using asterisks can be used: "pseu* cand*" will identify "pseudomembranous candidosis".

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Figure c123/f001
Figure 123.1
Histologically proven psoriasis appearing in a split‐skin donor site. (Courtesy of Southmead Hospital, Bristol, UK.)
Figure c123/f005
Figure 123.5
Friction blister on the palm mimicking a target lesion of erythema multiforme. This patient had generalized pruritus caused by biliary cirrhosis, and ...
Figure c123/f009
Figure 123.9
Foreign‐body reaction caused by a deeply embedded thorn. The patient presented with a chronic leg ulcer. (a) Thorn that eventually emerged spontaneous...
Figure c123/f002
Figure 123.2
Deformation of skin by an applied force showing how elastic and viscoelastic properties can be deduced from ratios of measurements.
Figure c123/f006
Figure 123.6
Black heel showing stippled pigmentation within the stratum corneum.
Figure c123/f010
Figure 123.10
Pentazocine ulcers.
Figure c123/f003
Figure 123.3
Rheological properties of some conditions affecting the dermis. Each area represents data from several patients. (From Piérard et al . [ ]. Reproduc...
Figure c123/f007
Figure 123.7
‘Fiddler's neck’. Lichenification and cysts on the neck of a violinist. (Courtesy of Dr R. D. G. Peachey, Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol, UK.)
Figure c123/f011
Figure 123.11
Pilonidal sinus.
Figure c123/f004
Figure 123.4
Calluses of the forefoot.
Figure c123/f008
Figure 123.8
Spectacle‐frame acanthoma showing a soft plaque, which may mimic basal cell carcinoma, caused by pressure and friction from the spectacle frame.
Figure c123/f012
Figure 123.12
Piezogenic pedal papules.