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Figure c127/f001
Figure 127.1
Erythema following acute UV radiation (intense natural sunlight) exposure (‘sunburn’).
Figure c127/f005
Figure 127.5
Artificially provoked polymorphic light eruption (PLE). (a) Back of the hand after iterative UVA photoprovocation (2 × 25 J/cm 2 ). (b) Erythema multi...
Figure c127/f009
Figure 127.9
Papules and plaques on photo‐exposed sites during an acute flare of actinic prurigo (AP). (a) On the cheeks and nose; note distal nose involvement. (b...
Figure c127/f013
Figure 127.13
Histopathology of chronic actinic dermatitis. (a) Epidermal spongiosis, acanthosis and an upper dermal lymphohistiocytic inflammatory infiltrate (seen...
Figure c127/f017
Figure 127.17
This patient presented with a photo‐exposed site dermatitis but phototesting was normal and this was photoaggravated seborrhoeic dermatitis (Courtesy...
Figure c127/f021
Figure 127.21
Abnormal immediate photosensitivity to UVA (365 nm) and visible (400 and 430 nm) wavelengths in a patient with treatment‐resistant solar urticaria. No...
Figure c127/f025
Figure 127.25
Phototoxicity to demeclocycline. There is predominant UVA and visible light photosensitivity. Acute erythema, oedema and urticaria were seen at the te...
Figure c127/f029
Figure 127.29
Positive photopatch testing to sunscreen chemicals.
Figure c127/f033
Figure 127.33
Abnormal erythemal responses on (a) narrow‐band UVB (TL‐01) MED, and (b) psoralen–UVA (PUVA) MPD testing.
Figure c127/f002
Figure 127.2
Histopathology of polymorphic light eruption showing a superficial and deep, predominantly perivascular, lymphohistiocytic, dermal inflammatory infilt...
Figure c127/f006
Figure 127.6
Polymorphic light eruption provoked on the extensor forearm by window glass‐transmitted light (patient's own photograph).
Figure c127/f010
Figure 127.10
Persistent actinic prurigo in an adult. (a) Note inflammation of the lower eyelids, distal nose involvement and cheilitis (with coincidental xanthelas...
Figure c127/f014
Figure 127.14
Chronic actinic dermatitis presenting acutely with a photo‐exposed‐site dermatitis. (a, b) Note the prominent head and neck involvement and sharp cut‐...
Figure c127/f018
Figure 127.18
Abnormal monochromator phototesting in chronic actinic dermatitis (CAD) showing broad‐band UVB, UVA and visible light photosensitivity. (a) This patie...
Figure c127/f022
Figure 127.22
Histopathology of hydroa vacciniforme showing epidermal necrosis, dermal oedema and a lymphohistiocytic inflammatory infiltrate.
Figure c127/f026
Figure 127.26
Phytophotodermatitis. Erythema and blistering is seen on sites immersed in psoralen‐rich lime marinade during barbeque preparations and subsequently e...
Figure c127/f030
Figure 127.30
(a) Photoaggravated guttate psoriasis. Note the sparing at photoprotected sites under the crop top. (b) This patient had atopic eczema and systemic lu...
Figure c127/f034
Figure 127.34
Abnormal erythemal responses on phototesting to compact fluorescent lamps. Note the negative response at the site irradiated through Dermagard film, w...
Figure c127/f003
Figure 127.3
Papulovesicular polymorphic light eruption in a child; facial involvement is seen more commonly in children.
Figure c127/f007
Figure 127.7
Artificially provoked papular polymorphic light eruption. (a) On the extensor forearm (two UVA exposures: 10 and 20 J/cm 2 ). (b) At narrow‐band UVB (...
Figure c127/f011
Figure 127.11
Scarring and hypopigmentation on the chronically photo‐exposed site of the back of the neck in actinic prurigo.
Figure c127/f015
Figure 127.15
In patients of higher skin phototypes (IV to VI) with chronic actinic dermatitis, a nodular prurigo‐like morphology may be apparent. (a) Prominent inv...
Figure c127/f019
Figure 127.19
Strong positive patch tests in a patient with chronic actinic dermatitis. Patch testing is an essential investigation to undertake in this patient gro...
Figure c127/f023
Figure 127.23
Hydroa vacciniforme. (a) Papules, vesiculation and haemorrhagic crusting on the cheeks (patient's own photograph). (b) Papules on the ears. (c) Subtle...
Figure c127/f027
Figure 127.27
Chlorpromazine phototoxicity. (a) Characteristic brown‐grey pigmentation associated with chronic photosensitivity secondary to chlorpromazine. (b) Vio...
Figure c127/f031
Figure 127.31
(a) Monochromator phototesting using a fibreoptic light guide. (b, c) Phototesting and other photo‐investigations should be possible in most children....
Figure c127/f004
Figure 127.4
Polymorphic light eruption (PLE) subtypes. (a) Mixed papulovesicular PLE in an adult with vesicles predominating. (b) Plaque PLE showing variably size...
Figure c127/f008
Figure 127.8
Juvenile spring eruption: sunlight‐induced papules on the prominent pinna of a young male.
Figure c127/f012
Figure 127.12
Abnormal phototesting in actinic prurigo (AP). (a) Monochromator phototesting showing broad‐band UVB and UVA photosensitivity. (b) A positive UVA phot...
Figure c127/f016
Figure 127.16
This patient presented with unexplained erythroderma. Slight sparing is seen (a) under the chin and (b) at the collar line and within the scalp. Chron...
Figure c127/f020
Figure 127.20
Solar urticaria. (a) Acute erythema on the back of the hand after 2 min of wintertime daylight exposure. Note sparing of the distal phalanges and unde...
Figure c127/f024
Figure 127.24
(a) Monochromator phototesting showing abnormal UVA photosensitivity. (b) Positive UVA photoprovocation in hydroa vacciniforme.
Figure c127/f028
Figure 127.28
Voriconazole photosensitivity. (a) Abnormal stellate lentigines developed on photo‐exposed sites in this patient who had been taking voriconazole for ...
Figure c127/f032
Figure 127.32
Iterative photoprovocation, usually using a broad‐band UVA source, can be particularly useful in confirming a diagnosis of polymorphic light eruption,...