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Figure c132/f001
Figure 132.1
Epidermis of a freckle showing a hyperpigmented basal cell layer without elongated rete ridges or melanocytic hyperplasia. Magnification 20× (H&E). (...
Figure c132/f005
Figure 132.5
(a) Simple lentigo. (b) Dermoscopic image of simple lentigo.
Figure c132/f009
Figure 132.9
(a) Ink‐spot lentigo. (b) Dermoscopic image of an ink‐spot lentigo showing a bizarre‐looking black pigment network which is typical. (Courtesy of Dr ...
Figure c132/f013
Figure 132.13
(a) Labial melanotic macule. (b) Dermoscopic image of a labial melanotic macule reveals a combination of grey‐brown dots arranged in parallel lines an...
Figure c132/f017
Figure 132.17
Naevus of Ito, showing a typical distribution over the shoulder area.
Figure c132/f021
Figure 132.21
Aquired dermal naevus. (a) Nested pattern of development in the upper portion of the lesion. There is no junctional component. Magnification 10× (H&E)...
Figure c132/f025
Figure 132.25
(a) Overview (3.5 × 5 mm) of a junctional lentiginous naevus by reflectance confocal microscopy showing a ringed pattern. (b) Detail (1.2 × 1.7 mm) wh...
Figure c132/f029
Figure 132.29
Compound conjunctival naevus. (a) Naevic aggregates are observed mainly beneath the conjunctival epithelium, in the substantia propria and partially a...
Figure c132/f033
Figure 132.33
Recurrent naevus. (a) Macule developing within the scar of a previously excised melanocytic naevus. (b) Dermoscopic image showing a slightly asymmetri...
Figure c132/f037
Figure 132.37
(a) Cockade naevus. (b) Dermoscropic image of a cockade naevus showing a darker, central homogeneous pattern, a lighter inner ring and a peripheral br...
Figure c132/f041
Figure 132.41
Classic Spitz naevus. (a) A well‐circumscribed pink nodule. (b) A round, symmetrical lesion with dotted vessels and lack of pigmentation. (Courtesy o...
Figure c132/f045
Figure 132.45
Common blue naevus. (a) Poorly circumscribed area of elongated, pigmented melanocytes in the dermis. The dendritic melanocytes are located between the...
Figure c132/f049
Figure 132.49
Malignant blue naevus that has arisen in a previous cellular blue naevus. This lesion subsequently metastasized to the lymph nodes.
Figure c132/f053
Figure 132.53
(a) Dysplastic nevus (4.2 × 6 mm) by reflectance confocal microscopy showing a more disarranged pattern with elongated junctional nests in the centre ...
Figure c132/f002
Figure 132.2
(a) Freckles. (b) Dermoscopic image showing hyperpigmented lesions with reticular pattern and moth‐eaten edges.
Figure c132/f006
Figure 132.6
(a) Solar lentigo in the middle of the left cheek. (b) Dermoscopic image of solar lentigo showing a uniform structureless macule with sharply demarcat...
Figure c132/f010
Figure 132.10
Mucosal melanosis. (a) Squamous epithelium of the oral cavity with hyperpigmentation of the basal cells. Magnification 10× (H&E). (b) Hyperpigmentatio...
Figure c132/f014
Figure 132.14
Mongolian spot in the lumbosacral area. (Courtesy of Professor A. Katsarou‐Katsari, Pediatric Dermatology Unit, Andreas Sygros Hospital, Athens, Gree...
Figure c132/f018
Figure 132.18
Speckled lentiginous naevi: numerous darker macules and papules (representing junctional and compound naevi) can be seen on a faintly visible tan macu...
Figure c132/f022
Figure 132.22
(a) Junctional naevus. (b) Dermoscopic image of a junctional naevus showing a reticular pattern with a smooth ending at the periphery.
Figure c132/f026
Figure 132.26
(a) Overview (1.8 × 2.6 mm) of a compound naevus by reflectance confocal microscopy. Some nests filling the papillae are clearly visible in the centre...
Figure c132/f030
Figure 132.30
Conjunctival naevus. (a) A well‐circumscribed papule of various shades of brown. (b) Dermoscopic image showing homogeneous brown‐greyish pigmentation ...
Figure c132/f034
Figure 132.34
Halo naevus. (a) Dense lymphocytic infiltrate with disruption of the naevomelanocytic aggregates, especially in the mid and deep portion of the dermal...
Figure c132/f038
Figure 132.38
Targetoid haemosiderotic naevus. (a) Naevus acutely presenting with a haemorrhagic halo. (b) Dermoscopic image showing a peripheral, structureless, pu...
Figure c132/f042
Figure 132.42
(a) Pigmented Spitz naevus. (b) Dermoscopic image of a pigmented Spitz naevus showing a well‐circumscribed symmetrical nodule with a papillomatous sur...
Figure c132/f046
Figure 132.46
Cellular blue naevus. (a) Multiple amelanotic nodules of naevomelanocytes are characteristic. The cellular component of blue naevus extends deep to th...
Figure c132/f050
Figure 132.50
Dysplastic naevus syndrome: multiple clinically atypical naevi on the back. The lower surgical scar on the sacral area corresponds to a previously rem...
Figure c132/f003
Figure 132.3
Lentigo simplex: hyperpigmentation is evident in the basal and squamous epidermal cells. There is a slight increase of non‐atypical melanocytes betwee...
Figure c132/f007
Figure 132.7
PUVA‐induced lentigines in a patient with psoriasis.
Figure c132/f011
Figure 132.11
Penile lentiginosis: prominent melanocytic dendrites among the hyperpigmented basal layer cells. Magnification 40× (H&E). (Courtesy of Dr K. Frangia,...
Figure c132/f015
Figure 132.15
Naevus of Ota.
Figure c132/f019
Figure 132.19
Junctional naevus. (a) Aggregates of naevomelanocytic cells in the rete ridges of a hyperplastic epidermis. There is no dermal component. Magnificatio...
Figure c132/f023
Figure 132.23
Compound naevus. (a) Hyperpigmented papule surrounded by symmetrical, lighter brown, macular area. (b) Dermoscopic image showing a structureless brown...
Figure c132/f027
Figure 132.27
Compound acral naevus. (a) The junctional component predominates, with variable sized and shaped nests located mainly to the tips of the rete ridges. ...
Figure c132/f031
Figure 132.31
Nail matrix naevus. (a) A longitudinal pigmented band. (b) Dermoscopic image showing brown, longitudinal parallel lines with regular spacing and thick...
Figure c132/f035
Figure 132.35
(a) Halo naevus. (b) Dermoscopic image of a halo naevus showing a symmetrical compound naevus (globular pattern) surrounded by a whitish halo.
Figure c132/f039
Figure 132.39
Compound naevus of Spitz. (a) Sparsly demarcated naevomelanocytic proliferation at the junctional area and mainly in the dermis. The dermal component ...
Figure c132/f043
Figure 132.43
Atypical Spitz tumour. (a) Asymmetrical nodule with heterogeneous pigmentation. (b) Dermoscopic image of the symmetrical, peripheral distribution of p...
Figure c132/f047
Figure 132.47
(a) Blue naevus. (b) Dermoscopic image of a blue naevus showing a homogeneous blue pattern.
Figure c132/f051
Figure 132.51
Compound dysplastic naevus. (a) Hyperplastic epidermis with bridging of the adjacent rete ridges. Nests of melanocytes, of variable sizes and shapes, ...
Figure c132/f004
Figure 132.4
(a, b) Multiple lentigines in a patient with the Carney complex and a PRKAR1A mutation. Only about a third of patients with the complex have this clas...
Figure c132/f008
Figure 132.8
Ink‐spot lentigo. (a) Epidermis with lentiginous hyperplasia and intensely hyperpigmented basal cells. Foci of less or no pigmentation are usually obs...
Figure c132/f012
Figure 132.12
Genital melanosis.
Figure c132/f016
Figure 132.16
Naevus of Ota. (a) Skin with sparse dendritic melanocytes in the upper dermis and no melanocytic hyperplasia in the overlying epidermis. Magnification...
Figure c132/f020
Figure 132.20
Acquired compound naevus. (a) Naevomelanocytic proliferation in the junctional area and the dermis. The dermal component extends beyond the boundaries...
Figure c132/f024
Figure 132.24
(a) Dermal naevi. (b) Dermoscopic image showing a symmetrical, flesh‐coloured, homogeneous pattern with coma‐shaped vessels.
Figure c132/f028
Figure 132.28
(a) Naevus on the sole of a foot. (b) Dermoscopic image of acral naevus showing a parallel furrow pattern.
Figure c132/f032
Figure 132.32
(a) Combined naevus. (b) Combined naevus with eccentric, structureless, bluish area and peripheral, brown, globular pattern. (Courtesy of Dr D. Sgour...
Figure c132/f036
Figure 132.36
Meyerson naevus. (a) A small‐sized naevus with an eczematous component. (b) Dermoscopic image showing yellowish crusts covering a naevus with a faint ...
Figure c132/f040
Figure 132.40
Pigmented spindle cell naevus of Reed. (a) An almost exclusively intraepidermal naevomelanocytic lesion with heavily pigmented spindle cells arranged ...
Figure c132/f044
Figure 132.44
Reed naevus. (a) Darkly pigmented symmetrical macule. (b) Dermoscopic image showing a ‘starburst’ pattern with diffuse blue‐black pigmentation and sym...
Figure c132/f048
Figure 132.48
(a) Cellular blue naevus. (b) Dermoscopic image of a cellular blue naevus showing a well‐circumscribed, protuberant nodule with homogeneous dark blue ...
Figure c132/f052
Figure 132.52
(a–e) Clinically atypical naevi of variable shapes, sizes and pigmentary patterns (on the left) and their corresponding dermoscopic images (on the rig...