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Searching for just a few words should be enough to get started. If you need to make more complex queries, use the tips below to guide you.

Boolean operators
This OR that
This AND that
This NOT that
Must include "This" and "That"
This That
Must not include "That"
This -That
"This" is optional
This +That
Exact phrase "This That"
"This That"
(this AND that) OR (that AND other)

Wildcard searches using asterisks can be used: "pseu* cand*" will identify "pseudomembranous candidosis".

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Figure c150/f001
Figure 150.1
Finger clubbing in association with congenital cyanotic heart disease and Eisenmenger syndrome.
Figure c150/f005
Figure 150.5
Erythema marginatum (rheumatic fever). (Reproduced with permission of DermNet New Zealand Trust.‐fever....
Figure c150/f002
Figure 150.2
Fabry disease in a 46‐year‐old man with extensive involvement of (a) the buttocks and (b) the genitalia.
Figure c150/f003
Figure 150.3
Cutaneous myxoma in a patient with Carney complex.
Figure c150/f004
Figure 150.4
Kawasaki syndrome in a 16‐year‐old girl showing (a) a rash on her body and (b) the characteristic ‘strawberry tongue’.