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Figure c154/f001
Figure 154.1
Keratoderma blennorhagicum in a patient with reactive arthritis.
Figure c154/f005
Figure 154.5
Severe joint contractures in a child with post‐kala‐azar dermal leishmaniasis.
Figure c154/f009
Figure 154.9
Histology of neutrophilic dermatosis in a patient with rheumatoid arthritis.
Figure c154/f013
Figure 154.13
Birefringent crystals of uric acid in a gouty tophus (examined under polarizing microscope).
Figure c154/f017
Figure 154.17
(a,b) Views of the hand (a) and the lower legs and ankles (b) in pachydermoperiostosis.
Figure c154/f002
Figure 154.2
(a) Geographic tongue and (b) circinate balanitis in HLA‐B27 positive adolescent.
Figure c154/f006
Figure 154.6
(a,b) Multiple rheumatoid nodules on the lower leg and knees.
Figure c154/f010
Figure 154.10
Sarcoid dactylitis.
Figure c154/f014
Figure 154.14
Relapsing polychondritis, showing inflammation of the pinna.
Figure c154/f018
Figure 154.18
Yellow pigmentation of the skin due to mepacrine.
Figure c154/f003
Figure 154.3
Reticulate erythema of erythema infectiosum.
Figure c154/f007
Figure 154.7
Histology of rheumatoid nodule at low power (a) and at higher power showing palisading granulomata (b).
Figure c154/f011
Figure 154.11
Tophaceous gout showing multiple cream‐coloured papules on the palmar surfaces of the digits (inset: close‐up view of thumb).
Figure c154/f015
Figure 154.15
Relapsing polychondritis: late stage, showing damage to the cartilage of the ear and nose.
Figure c154/f019
Figure 154.19
Ochronosis of the nail beds due to mepacrine.
Figure c154/f004
Figure 154.4
A 19‐year‐old man with short history of headache, nausea, vomiting and weakness: the subsequently confirmed clinical suspicion of early meningococcal ...
Figure c154/f008
Figure 154.8
Digital vasculitis in rheumatoid arthritis.
Figure c154/f012
Figure 154.12
Severe tophaceous gout and acute gouty inflammation affecting the index finger and thumb.
Figure c154/f016
Figure 154.16
Relapsing polychondritis, showing ocular involvement.