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Figure c158/f001
Figure 158.1
Different botulinum toxins block acetylcholine release via different synaptic proteins, BTX‐A – SNAP25 and BTX‐B – synaptobrevin. VAMP, vesicle‐associ...
Figure c158/f005
Figure 158.5
Forehead facial asymmetry. BTX‐A 2 and 4 Ona BTX‐A units or equivalent. Aesthetic goal: (1) reduce right brow depressors and give brow elevation; and ...
Figure c158/f009
Figure 158.9
Crow's feet: combination of BTX‐A followed by ultrapulsed carbon dioxide laser. (a) Before: crow's feet plus multiple lentigo. (b) Six months postoper...
Figure c158/f013
Figure 158.13
Some frequent sites for injection of BTX into facial muscles for aesthetic indications.
Figure c158/f002
Figure 158.2
Idealized diagram of the facial muscles that create lines and can be injected with botulinum toxin for aesthetic changes to the face.
Figure c158/f006
Figure 158.6
Higher total doses of BTX‐ A often required in the male forehead: 36 total Ona BTX‐A units. (a) Male forehead with the corrugator and procerus muscles...
Figure c158/f010
Figure 158.10
BTX‐A: infraorbital lines (a) before 2 units BTX‐A; and (b) 7 days after (a).
Figure c158/f003
Figure 158.3
(a) Usual injection sites for a symmetrical forehead with vertical glabella lines before treatment and to correct brow ptosis. 4 Ona BTX‐A units per s...
Figure c158/f007
Figure 158.7
Crow's feet: wrinkles extending laterally from the periorbital area produced by contraction of the orbicularis oculi muscle.
Figure c158/f011
Figure 158.11
Perioral wrinkling due to contraction of the orbicularis muscle and dermal actinic elastosis. 1 unit per wrinkle site. 2 ona BTX‐A units maximum per l...
Figure c158/f004
Figure 158.4
Forehead facial asymmetry. Stronger right corrugator and procerus muscles. Results in right brow ptosis compared to left.
Figure c158/f008
Figure 158.8
Crow's feet: BTX‐A injection sites. Wrinkles extending laterally from the periorbital area produced by contraction of the orbicularis oculi muscle. on...
Figure c158/f012
Figure 158.12
Mentalis muscle ‘creases’ treated with BTX‐A. (a) Before ona BTX‐A, 2 units; and (b) 7 days after (a).