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Figure c159/f001
Figure 159.1
Solar lentigines (a) before and (b) after a Jessner's solution peel. (Courtesy of Richard Barlow.)
Figure c159/f005
Figure 159.5
Epidermolysis with a glycolic acid peel showing full epidermal peeling indicated by the white colour and near vesiculation.
Figure c159/f009
Figure 159.9
Persistent redness 2 months after a trichloroacetic acid peel which will resolve with time.
Figure c159/f013
Figure 159.13
Post‐inflammatory hyperpigmentation to the perioral region that developed after sun exposure after a superficial chemical peel.
Figure c159/f002
Figure 159.2
Melasma (a) before and (b) after a Jessner's solution peel. (Courtesy of Richard Barlow.)
Figure c159/f006
Figure 159.6
Light powdery whitening with a Jessner's solution peel.
Figure c159/f010
Figure 159.10
Chemical burns to (a) the periorbital skin and (b) the cheeks.
Figure c159/f014
Figure 159.14
Melasma (a) before and (b) after a series of Jessner's solution peels.
Figure c159/f003
Figure 159.3
Acne and acne scars (a) before and (b) after a medium depth chemical peel. (Courtesy of Richard Barlow.)
Figure c159/f007
Figure 159.7
Level 3 peel demonstrating ‘fridge white’ frosting using a trichloroacetic acid peel.
Figure c159/f011
Figure 159.11
Localized chemical burn with post‐inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
Figure c159/f004
Figure 159.4
Erythema during a glycolic acid peel.
Figure c159/f008
Figure 159.8
(a) Dense white frosting after a combination of Jessner's solution and 35% trichloroacetic acid peel. (b) Erythema 6 days post peel, lasting for 14 da...
Figure c159/f012
Figure 159.12
Premature peeling with loss of protective necrotic layer and resultant redness after a trichloroacetic acid peel.