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Figure c21/f001
Figure 21.1
Spectra of narrow‐band UVB (NB‐UVB), broad‐band UVA (BB‐UVA) and UVA‐1. PUVA, psoralen and UVA.
Figure c21/f005
Figure 21.5
Psoriasis affecting a patient's back (a) before and (b) after narrow‐band (TL‐01) UVB therapy showing the effectiveness of the treatment. (Reproduced...
Figure c21/f009
Figure 21.9
Patient with psoriasis receiving narrow‐band UVB in a whole body cabinet.
Figure c21/f013
Figure 21.13
Flare of polymorphic light eruption on the chest induced by UVB therapy.
Figure c21/f002
Figure 21.2
Whole body narrow‐band UVB cabinet.
Figure c21/f006
Figure 21.6
Atopic eczema affecting a patient's legs (a) before and (b) after narrow‐band UVB therapy.
Figure c21/f010
Figure 21.10
Patient's hands being irradiated with UVA following a topical psoralen soak.
Figure c21/f014
Figure 21.14
PUVA lentigines affecting a patient's legs.
Figure c21/f003
Figure 21.3
Narrow‐band UVB unit for the treatment of hands and feet.
Figure c21/f007
Figure 21.7
Narrow‐band UVB minimal erythema dose (MED) reading 24 h after the irradiation of phototest sites. Doses are in mJ/cm 2 .
Figure c21/f011
Figure 21.11
(a) Patient receiving extracorporeal photopheresis. (b) Close up of the upper part of photopheresis equipment showing the patient's buffy coat contain...
Figure c21/f015
Figure 21.15
UVB referral form.
Figure c21/f004
Figure 21.4
Irradiance of UV tubes being measured by a radiometer clamped in position at a fixed distance.
Figure c21/f008
Figure 21.8
Hand‐held Hybec ‘Durham’ phototesting unit.
Figure c21/f012
Figure 21.12
Burn sustained to the lower trunk during narrow‐band UVB therapy due to slipping of the patient's underpants.