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Figure c68/f001
Figure 68.1
Generalized hypertrichosis. (Courtesy of Professor Peter Itin.)
Figure c68/f005
Figure 68.5
Near total absence of hair in a young patient with vitamin D resistant rickets type IIa (a); note the whitish papules over the central part of the fac...
Figure c68/f009
Figure 68.9
A patient with keratitis–ichthyosis–deafness syndrome demonstrates atrichia associated with follicular papules in the nape area (a), plantar keratoder...
Figure c68/f013
Figure 68.13
Short and sparse hair associated with follicular papules a patient with monilethrix; hair beading typical of monilethrix on microscopy.
Figure c68/f017
Figure 68.17
(a) Light‐coloured and coarse hair in a patient with trichothiodystrophy. (Courtesy of Professor Peter Itin.) (b) Defective cuticle visualized by sca...
Figure c68/f002
Figure 68.2
Hypertrichosis and hyperpigmented plaques localized to the lower limb in an adult patient with H syndrome. (Courtesy of Professor Avraham Zlotogorski...
Figure c68/f006
Figure 68.6
Alopecia totalis in a patient with growth retardation, alopecia, pseudoanodontia and optic atrophy (GAPO) syndrome. (Courtesy of Professor David Enk....
Figure c68/f010
Figure 68.10
Diffuse hypotrichosis in an adult patient with Clouston syndrome. (Courtesy of Professor Maurice Van Steensel.)
Figure c68/f014
Figure 68.14
Woolly hair in a white woman and her son. (Courtesy of Professor Rudolf Happle.)
Figure c68/f018
Figure 68.18
Uncombable hair syndrome. (Courtesy of Professor Peter Itin.)
Figure c68/f003
Figure 68.3
Total lack of hair (a) and follicular lesions (b) in atrichia with papular lesions. On histology, note the conspicuous presence of dermal cysts (c).
Figure c68/f007
Figure 68.7
Autosomal dominant hypotrichosis of the scalp, caused by a mutation in CDSN .
Figure c68/f011
Figure 68.11
Sparse and short hair on the scalp of a young patient with hypotrichosis and juvenile macular dystrophy (a); fundus examination reveals severe degener...
Figure c68/f015
Figure 68.15
(a) Pale and sparse hair in a child with Menkes disease. (Courtesy of Professor Rudolf Happle.) (b) Hair twisting along its axis, typical of pili tor...
Figure c68/f019
Figure 68.19
Loose anagen syndrome. (Courtesy of Professor Peter Itin.)
Figure c68/f004
Figure 68.4
Wiry, coarse and sparse hair in Marie Unna hereditary hypotrichosis. (Courtesy of Professor Maurice Van Steensel.)
Figure c68/f008
Figure 68.8
Sparse, short and light‐coloured hair in a patient carrying a mutation in LIPH .
Figure c68/f012
Figure 68.12
Hypotrichosis (a) and lamellar ichthyosis (b) in a patient with autosomal recessive ichthyosis with hypotrichosis.
Figure c68/f016
Figure 68.16
Typical cutaneous features of the trichohepatoenteric syndrome including puffy cheeks (a) and hypotrichosis (b).