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Figure c73/f001
Figure 73.1
A 10‐year‐old boy with extensive capillary malformation involving V3, the neck and thorax.
Figure c73/f005
Figure 73.5
Arteriovenous malformation (AVM) spectrum. (a) A 4‐year‐old girl with stage 2 AVM of the left ear. (b) Extensive ulcerated stage 3 AVM of the left foo...
Figure c73/f009
Figure 73.9
Mucocutaneous venous malformation spectrum showing (a) a small subcutaneous venous malformation on the right hand, and (b) lip mucosa. These patients ...
Figure c73/f013
Figure 73.13
Lymphatic malformation (LM) spectrum. (a) A 10‐month‐old girl with extensive macrocystic/microcystic LMs of the neck, thorax and axilla. (b) Microcyst...
Figure c73/f002
Figure 73.2
Sturge–Weber syndrome showing an 8‐month‐old boy with capillary malformation involving left V1, V2 and V3 and right V3.
Figure c73/f006
Figure 73.6
(a, b) A 62‐year‐old female with multiple cutaneous and mucosal telangiectasias associated with recurrent epistaxis typical of hereditary haemorrhagic...
Figure c73/f010
Figure 73.10
Blue rubber bleb naevus spectrum. (a) Typical multifocal hyperkeratotic lesions on the sole. (b) Gastrointestinal venous malformations seen on gastros...
Figure c73/f014
Figure 73.14
A 20‐month‐old boy with bilateral lymphoedema of the feet and calves.
Figure c73/f003
Figure 73.3
Capillary malformation–arteriovenous malformation spectrum. (a, b) A 14‐year‐old girl with multiple capillary malformations. (a) Note the white halo o...
Figure c73/f007
Figure 73.7
A 14‐year‐old boy with an inherited PTEN mutation showing patchy capillary malformations with underlying venous anomalies, and hypertrophy of the righ...
Figure c73/f011
Figure 73.11
Glomuvenous malformation (GVM) spectrum. (a) A 20‐year‐old woman with cutaneous/subcutaneous cobblestone lesions on the right foot and right hand. (b)...
Figure c73/f015
Figure 73.15
A patient with FOXC2 mutation and bilateral lymphoedema of the lower extremities (right leg more affected) (a) and bilateral ptosis (b).
Figure c73/f004
Figure 73.4
Capillary malformation in overgrowth syndromes. (a) Klippel–Trenaunay–Weber syndrome with a capillaro‐lymphatico‐venous malformation on the left lower...
Figure c73/f008
Figure 73.8
Venous malformation (VM) spectrum. (a) Extensive VM of the right lower extremity invading the skin, muscles and knee joint. (b) VM of the tongue causi...
Figure c73/f012
Figure 73.12
Maffucci syndrome in a 15‐year‐old girl with multiple enchondromas and spindle cell haemangiomas on the left hand. (a) The fourth finger has been ampu...
Figure c73/f016
Figure 73.16
Other syndromes with lymphoedema. (a, b) A 7‐month‐old girl with Turner syndrome showing nuchal webs (a) and right foot lymphoedema (b). (c) A newborn...