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Figure c75/f001
Figure 75.1
Photomicrographs of an epidermal naevus demonstrating an area of thickened epidermis with papillomatosis and mild hyperkeratosis. Original magnificati...
Figure c75/f005
Figure 75.5
(a) Single sebaceous naevus on the cheek, with a yellowish hue and characteristic greasy texture. (b) Multiple pigmented sebaceous epidermal naevi on ...
Figure c75/f009
Figure 75.9
Photomicrographs of a typical congenital melanocytic naevus demonstrating a predominantly dermal lesion composed of bland naevus cells that extend aro...
Figure c75/f013
Figure 75.13
Benign proliferative nodule in a large congenital melanocytic naevus, present from birth and stable in behavior.
Figure c75/f017
Figure 75.17
Two congenital blue naevi on the foot of a child with multiple similar lesions from birth.
Figure c75/f021
Figure 75.21
Photomicrograph of aplasia cutis demonstrating an area of epidermal flattening associated with underlying fibrosis and loss of normal adnexal structur...
Figure c75/f002
Figure 75.2
Photomicrograph of inflammatory linear verrucous epidermal naevus demonstrating marked epidermal thickening with hyperkeratosis and an associated infl...
Figure c75/f006
Figure 75.6
Photomicrographs of an eccrine naevus demonstrating prominent eccrine glands within the dermis. Original magnifications (a) 40× and (b) 100× (H&E).
Figure c75/f010
Figure 75.10
Photomicrographs demonstrating a proliferative nodule arising in a congenital melanocytic naevus composed of sheets of bland naevus cells forming a di...
Figure c75/f014
Figure 75.14
Multiple neuroid‐type proliferations in a congenital melanocytic naevus.
Figure c75/f018
Figure 75.18
Single naevus spilus on the face showing a café‐au‐lait macule background with superimposed darker areas.
Figure c75/f022
Figure 75.22
Photomicrographs of a smooth muscle hamartoma demonstrating a poorly circumscribed dermal lesion composed of abnormal bundles of smooth muscle within ...
Figure c75/f003
Figure 75.3
Photomicrographs of a typical sebaceous naevus demonstrating a lesion composed of prominent sebaceous glands within the dermis. Original magnification...
Figure c75/f007
Figure 75.7
Photomicrographs of a desmoplastic trichoepithelioma arising in a sebaceous naevus demonstrating epithelial strands infiltrating the dermis surrounded...
Figure c75/f011
Figure 75.11
Photomicrograph of a melanoma developing within a congenital melanocytic naevus demonstrating a proliferative subpopulation, which infiltrates widely ...
Figure c75/f015
Figure 75.15
Clinical management algorithm for neurological investigation and follow‐up of patients with congenital melanocytic naevus (CMN). CNS, central nervous ...
Figure c75/f019
Figure 75.19
Photomicrographs of a connective tissue naevus demonstrating a poorly circumscribed dermal lesion composed of abnormal bundles of collagen and admixed...
Figure c75/f023
Figure 75.23
Phakomatosis pigmentovascularis type II (or cesioflammea type), showing the characteristic combination of (a) a capillary malformation (port‐wine stai...
Figure c75/f004
Figure 75.4
Extensive inflammatory linear verrucous epidermal naevus on the lower limbs in a Blaschko‐linear distribution.
Figure c75/f008
Figure 75.8
Photomicrograph of a syringocystadenoma arising in a sebaceous naevus showing a prominent papillary architecture. Original magnification 20× (H&E).
Figure c75/f012
Figure 75.12
Congenital melanocytic naevi (CMN). (a) Single CMN on the face showing marked hypertrichosis. (b) Multiple CMN of different sizes on the trunk.
Figure c75/f016
Figure 75.16
Photomicrographs of a blue naevus demonstrating spindle‐shaped pigmented naevus cells extending into the deep dermis. Original magnifications (a) 40× ...
Figure c75/f020
Figure 75.20
Collagenoma‐type connective tissue naevus on the lower abdomen.
Figure c75/f024
Figure 75.24
Unified classification of congenital naevi by clinical, histopathological and genetic criteria