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Figure c88/f001
Figure 88.1
Melanocytes in culture.
Figure c88/f005
Figure 88.5
A simplified overview of the major metabolic pathways in the synthesis of melanins and trichochromes. (From Prota 1988 [ ], with permission from the c...
Figure c88/f009
Figure 88.9
Melasma in an adult male from the Indian subcontinent.
Figure c88/f013
Figure 88.13
(a,b) Freckles in an 11‐year‐old boy.
Figure c88/f017
Figure 88.17
Generalized pigmentation in a woman aged 33 years with systemic sclerosis.
Figure c88/f021
Figure 88.21
Vitamin B 12 deficiency: (a) generalized mottled hypermelanosis as presenting feature of pernicious anaemia in a 16‐year‐old boy with a 4‐year histor...
Figure c88/f025
Figure 88.25
Minocycline pigmentation: marked dyspigmentation of the lower legs resulting from minocycline therapy commenced 2 years earlier as adjunctive therapy ...
Figure c88/f029
Figure 88.29
Phytophotodermatitis: acute irregular blisters across the palms after grasping giant hogweed.
Figure c88/f033
Figure 88.33
Algorithm for the differential diagnosis of hypomelanosis.
Figure c88/f037
Figure 88.37
(a,b) Typical distribution of vitiligo on dorsum of the hand seen under Wood's light.
Figure c88/f041
Figure 88.41
Hypochromic vitiligo affecting the back. (From Ezzedine et al . 2015 [ ] reproduced with permission from the copyright holder Wiley.)
Figure c88/f045
Figure 88.45
Halo naevi in different stages of evolution concurrently in a 13‐year‐old girl: (a) early depigmentation; (b) established halo naevus; (c) faint pink ...
Figure c88/f049
Figure 88.49
Progressive macular hypomelanosis in an 18‐year‐old man. (Reproduced with permission from the copyright holder Springer Publishing Company, from Rely...
Figure c88/f053
Figure 88.53
Haemosiderin staining on the shins of a 41‐year‐old rugby football player resulting from repeated minor trauma.
Figure c88/f057
Figure 88.57
Occupational argyria.
Figure c88/f061
Figure 88.61
Keloid reaction to decorative tattoo: flattened areas have responded to the injection of triamcinolone.
Figure c88/f002
Figure 88.2
Voigt–Futcher lines. (Courtesy of the late Dr R. R. M. Harman, Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol, UK.)
Figure c88/f006
Figure 88.6
Structure of trichochrome B, one of six trichochromes so far identified.
Figure c88/f010
Figure 88.10
(a,b) Poikiloderma of Civatte: showing submental and submandibular sparing on the neck of a 43‐year‐old man.
Figure c88/f014
Figure 88.14
Eruptive lentiginosis: 4‐month history of widespread eruption of lentigines over the neck, trunk and limbs in a healthy 49‐year‐old female. Note lenti...
Figure c88/f018
Figure 88.18
Morphoea. Hyperpigmentation was the presenting symptom.
Figure c88/f022
Figure 88.22
(a,b) Amiodarone pigmentation after 5 years of therapy: note slaty‐blue dyspigmentation of the forehead, nose, cheeks and earlobe.
Figure c88/f026
Figure 88.26
(a,b) Pigmented fixed drug eruption: extensive eruption following repeated courses of tetracycline.
Figure c88/f030
Figure 88.30
Post‐inflammatory hypermelanosis on the back following propranolol‐provoked lichenoid drug reaction.
Figure c88/f034
Figure 88.34
Vitiligo. Epidermal sheet of marginal depigmented area showing marked reduction in the number of melanocytes.
Figure c88/f038
Figure 88.38
Segmental vitiligo on the trunk seen under Wood's light. Note regressing congenital naevus in the centre of the affected area.
Figure c88/f042
Figure 88.42
(a,b) Vitiligo: before and after camouflage of the hands.
Figure c88/f046
Figure 88.46
Hypopigmentation in a girl with resolving psoriasis.
Figure c88/f050
Figure 88.50
Depigmentation on the face following treatment of melasma with monobenzylether of hydroquinone. (Courtesy of St John's Dermatology Centre, London, UK...
Figure c88/f054
Figure 88.54
Haemosiderosis of the gaiter area in a 98‐year‐old man with longstanding venous insufficiency: note atrophie blanche above the medial malleolus.
Figure c88/f058
Figure 88.58
Chrysiasis: mild lilac discoloration on the forehead and eyelids contrasting with the yellow of the elastotic skin on the bridge of the nose and eyebr...
Figure c88/f003
Figure 88.3
Regional variation in the distribution of epidermal melanocytes. The figures are mean values per mm 2 ± standard error of the mean. (From Rosdahl & R...
Figure c88/f007
Figure 88.7
Diffuse hyperpigmentation with darkening of the hair and mucous membranes in a woman with Nelson syndrome following bilateral adrenalectomy.
Figure c88/f011
Figure 88.11
Erythromelanosis follicularis of the face and neck. (By permission of the copyright holder John Wiley and Sons, from Ermertcan et al . Erythromelanos...
Figure c88/f015
Figure 88.15
Addison disease: diffuse hypermelanosis of the skin (a) and gingivae (b) in a 13‐year‐old girl and of the labial mucosa (c) and tongue (d) of a 15‐yea...
Figure c88/f019
Figure 88.19
(a,b) Haemochromatosis: a 74‐year‐old male with gradual increase in skin pigmentation for 5 years. Extensive stippled skin pigmentation becoming confl...
Figure c88/f023
Figure 88.23
(a–c) Chloroquine pigmentation: patient received chloroquine for 9 years for rheumatoid arthritis and had developed increasing pigmentation of the per...
Figure c88/f027
Figure 88.27
Phytophotodermatitis. Linear, streaky pigmentation following an acute blistering reaction caused by giant hogweed and sunlight.
Figure c88/f031
Figure 88.31
Notalgia paraesthetica: note the circumscribed area of hypermelanosis near the base of the left scapula.
Figure c88/f035
Figure 88.35
[Isomorphic or Koebner phenomenon at site of a scratch in a patient with vitiligo.
Figure c88/f039
Figure 88.39
(a,b) Extensive vitiligo in a South Asian man: view of the sides of the face showing the convex expanding margins of the vitiliginous skin ‘eating int...
Figure c88/f043
Figure 88.43
(a,b) Segmental vitiligo (a) before and (b) after treatment with non‐cultured epidermal cell transplantation.
Figure c88/f047
Figure 88.47
Pityriasis alba.
Figure c88/f051
Figure 88.51
Occupational vitiligo due to tertiary‐butylphenol.
Figure c88/f055
Figure 88.55
Haemosiderosis secondary to capillaritis which first erupted 6 months previously in a 57‐year‐old male.
Figure c88/f059
Figure 88.59
(a–d) Traumatic tattoo: accidental tattoo following explosion during school chemistry experiment; excellent response to Nd : YAG laser.
Figure c88/f004
Figure 88.4
Melanocyte in the basal layer of the epidermis.
Figure c88/f008
Figure 88.8
(a,b) Melasma in two female patients.
Figure c88/f012
Figure 88.12
Peribuccal pigmentation of Brocq. (Courtesy and with permission of Dr Luciano Schiazza, Genoa, Italy.)
Figure c88/f016
Figure 88.16
Nelson syndrome: hypermelanosis of the dorsa of the hands and of the palmar creases.
Figure c88/f020
Figure 88.20
Macular amyloidosis: typical rippled hypermelanosis on the upper back of a 40‐year‐old Indian woman.
Figure c88/f024
Figure 88.24
Chlorpromazine pigmentation: patchy bands of muddy pigmentation extending across the nose to the paranasal and preauricular skin in an elderly male re...
Figure c88/f028
Figure 88.28
Berloque dermatitis.
Figure c88/f032
Figure 88.32
Ashy dermatosis: views of two females aged 31 years (a,b) and 15 years (c) with multiple muddy grey non‐inflamed macules on the skin. (From Chang et ...
Figure c88/f036
Figure 88.36
Typical distribution of vitiligo on the wrist and volar surface of the hand seen under Wood's light.
Figure c88/f040
Figure 88.40
Trichrome vitiligo.
Figure c88/f044
Figure 88.44
(a) Multiple halo naevi in a young man who also had vitiligo. (b) Unusually large halo naevus. (c) Halo phenomenon developing within a malignant melan...
Figure c88/f048
Figure 88.48
Hypomelanotic macules on a sun‐exposed arm compared with tan‐coloured macules on the trunk of the sun‐protected abdominal skin of a woman with pityria...
Figure c88/f052
Figure 88.52
Typical appearances on the shins of a 57‐year‐old Afro‐Caribbean woman (a) with close‐up view illustrating discrete guttate hypomelanotic macules (b)....
Figure c88/f056
Figure 88.56
Carotenoderma: note yellowish hue of the palm on the right compared with the normal palm on the left. (Reproduced with permission and courtesy of the...
Figure c88/f060
Figure 88.60
Lichenoid reaction in the red areas of a tattoo.