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Figure c92/f001
Figure 92.1
Multiple non‐inflamed nodules in a patient with Hurley stage II disease of the genital area.
Figure c92/f005
Figure 92.5
Scar: rope‐like band formed by fibrotic tissue, most often seen in the axillae.
Figure c92/f009
Figure 92.9
Nodules and sinus tracts involving the buttocks.
Figure c92/f013
Figure 92.13
Hurley stage II disease of the genito‐femoral area. (a) Hurley stage II is a broad category which may involve more severe disease as shown here. (b) I...
Figure c92/f002
Figure 92.2
Classical axillary abscess as seen in hidradenitis suppurativa.
Figure c92/f006
Figure 92.6
 Tombstone comedones in the axilla.
Figure c92/f010
Figure 92.10
Ectopic disease with retroauricular involvement.
Figure c92/f014
Figure 92.14
Hurley stage III disease. (a) Non‐draining, confluent, chronic lesions involving the entire axilla. (b) Active draining lesions in the axilla.
Figure c92/f003
Figure 92.3
Non‐draining sinus, recognized by the palpable oblong shape.
Figure c92/f007
Figure 92.7
Follicular pattern involving the genito‐femoral area showing non‐active disease.
Figure c92/f011
Figure 92.11
Ectopic plaque on the chest of a patient. Notice the classical involvement seen in the axillae.
Figure c92/f015
Figure 92.15
Management flow chart for the initial treatment of hidradenitis suppurativa according to the Hurley stage. Arrows indicate the recommended sequence of...
Figure c92/f004
Figure 92.4
Multiple inflamed nodules and draining sinuses in active Hurley stage II disease of the mons pubis.
Figure c92/f008
Figure 92.8
Follicular pattern involving the buttocks.
Figure c92/f012
Figure 92.12
Hurley stage I disease of the genito‐femoral area showing a solitary nodule. Notice the normal‐looking surrounding skin and perilesional halo of disco...