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Figure c98/f001
Figure 98.1
(a) Sarcoid granulomas in the dermis in a specific cutaneous lesion of sarcoidosis. (b) Sarcoid granulomas are mainly composed of epithelioid cells wi...
Figure c98/f005
Figure 98.5
(a) Maculopapular sarcoidosis on the chest and arm. (b) Maculopapular sarcoidosis on the leg. (c) Maculopapular sarcoidosis on the pre‐sternal area.
Figure c98/f009
Figure 98.9
Dermal plaque and nodules on the forehead (a) and nodules on the forearm (b).
Figure c98/f013
Figure 98.13
Scar sarcoidosis in a burn in the axilla.
Figure c98/f017
Figure 98.17
Sarcoidosis involving the tongue. (From Marcoval J and Mañá J. Specific (granulomatous) oral lesions of sarcoidosis: report of two cases. Med Oral Pa...
Figure c98/f002
Figure 98.2
(a) An incipient asteroid body and two foreign bodies in a sarcoid granuloma. (b) A foreign body is observed in a sarcoid granuloma.
Figure c98/f006
Figure 98.6
(a,b) Papular sarcoidosis of the knees.
Figure c98/f010
Figure 98.10
(a) Extensive coalescing plaques of sarcoidosis on the face. (b) Plaque sarcoidosis extending from perianal skin to the buttocks. (c) Plaque sarcoidos...
Figure c98/f014
Figure 98.14
Subcutaneous sarcoidosis in the arm with indurated linear bands from the elbow to the hand. (Courtesy of Mañá and Marcoval 2012 [ ] © Elsevier.)
Figure c98/f018
Figure 98.18
(a,c) Erythema nodosum in two patients with Löfgren syndrome with associated papular sarcoidosis in scars on the elbow (b) and knee (c,d).
Figure c98/f003
Figure 98.3
Chest radiograph showing stage II pulmonary sarcoidosis (bilateral and right paratracheal lympadenopathy and pulmonary infiltrates with upper and midd...
Figure c98/f007
Figure 98.7
Sarcoid plaques on the cheek.
Figure c98/f011
Figure 98.11
(a) Annular sarcoidosis on the forehead. (b) Extensive truncal annular sarcoidosis.
Figure c98/f015
Figure 98.15
(a,b) Sarcoid dactylitis.
Figure c98/f019
Figure 98.19
Whole body 18 F‐fluorodeoxyglucose ( 18 F‐FDG) PET scan in a 51‐year‐old women diagnosed with systemic sarcoidosis showing hypermetabolic lymph nodes...
Figure c98/f004
Figure 98.4
Sarcoid granulomas (a) revealed under diascopy as ‘apple‐jelly nodules’ (b).
Figure c98/f008
Figure 98.8
(a,b) Plaque sarcoidosis on the back.
Figure c98/f012
Figure 98.12
(a) Classical lupus pernio affecting the nose and cheeks. (b) Lupus pernio involving forehead. (c) Sarcoid nodules on columella.
Figure c98/f016
Figure 98.16
Hypopigmented sarcoidosis. (Courtesy of the copyright holder Dr S. Walsh, King's College Hospital, London, UK.)
Figure c98/f020
Figure 98.20
(a,b) Lupus pernio before and after treatment with hydroxychloroquine.