Dermatological Manifestations of Metal Poisoning

Rabindranath Nambi


Skin manifestations from poisoning by metals and metalloids are varied. The spectrum of metallodermatoses includes pigmentary changes, inflammatory dermatoses, urticarial eruptions, preā€cancers, malignancies and anaphylaxis. The toxic effects of metal poisoning are often unrecognized and delayed diagnosis is common. The metals and metalloids discussed in this chapter include antimony, arsenic, gold, lead, mercury, selenium, silver, thallium, beryllium, molybdenum and platinum.
Keywords metal poisoning, antimony poisoning, arsenic poisoning, gold poisoning, lead poisoning, mercury poisoning, selenium poisoning, silver poisoning, thallium poisoning, selenosis, plumbism, argyria, thallotoxicosis, chrysiasis


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