Principles of Skin Surgery

S. Walayat Hussain, Richard J. Motley, Timothy S. Wang


With the increasing global burden of skin cancer, the role of surgery in the armamentarium of the clinical dermatologist has never been so important. This chapter introduces the reader to the fundamentals of dermatological surgery. For the novice, the chapter outlines the basics of skin surgery including relevant anatomy, biopsy techniques and the simple elliptical excision. A comprehensive review and guide to common suturing techniques used during skin surgery is also provided. For the more experienced dermatologist, in addition to Mohs micrographic surgery, advanced cutaneous reconstructive techniques including full‐ and split‐thickness skin grafts, and one‐ and two‐stage flaps are also discussed. Important safety aspects and complications associated with skin surgery are dealt with. The chapter also provides a comprehensive guide to the essential equipment necessary prior to embarking upon cutaneous surgery.
Keywords dermatological surgery, skin surgery, cutaneous surgery, ellipse, excision, skin biopsy, safety, sutures, suturing techniques, skin graft, split‐thickness graft, full‐thickness graft, skin flap, rhombic flap, advancement flap, transposition flap, complications, anatomy, equipment, Mohs micrographic surgery


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